Godai Sahara

Good Samaritan

Hello, it is nice to meet you.

I’m Godai Sahara who is the host of this temporal space.

Please feel free to relax in the waiting room. I hope the colour of the wall can ease your eyes.

Have you ever grown a tea plant? It takes a while to get young leaves for brewing, but I like the idea that you can grow tea for yourself. Please let me know if you are interested in looking after the plants. I am looking for someone who can do so.


How are you feeling today?

What brings you here?

What are your problems?

I am not sure how much I can be helpful for you, but maybe it is not a bad idea to go through the questionnaire. I am interested in what I can do for you. No pressure though.

Whenever you are ready, please come through the curtain to enter the brighter space.

There are some soaps on the shelves. Please have some to try washing hands with, or to bring home in a paper bag. Please use the washing tools and keep them clean for others. Feel free to ask the office for assistance. Thank you.

Please do not touch the bottles in the fridge unless otherwise advised. If you are keen to try the prescription for your wellness, please ask me or the office for further information.

Thank you for coming today. Please take care and have a good day.

(Click ‘Questionnaire‘ for the questionnaire. Filled questionnaire will be considered by Godai Sahara for Aphrodisiac/Anaphrodisiac Prescription, if it’s submitted to info@gao.gallery by 27 October 2018)